Business Cycle and Characteristics of Business Cycle

Monday, March 15, 2010

Business cycle is also called Trade Cycle. The business is never steady. There are always ups and downs in economic activity. This cyclical movement both upwards and downwards is commonly called Trade Cycle. This is a wave like movement in regular manner in business cycle. In business, there are flourishing activities, which take economy to prosperity and growth whereas there are periods when there is recession, which leads to decline in the employment, income and output. When the economy goes into downswing then there is a stage of recovery to reach a new boom.

Definition and characteristics of business cycle:


According to Keynes, “Trade Cycle is composed of periods of good trade characterized by rising price and low unemployment percentage altering with periods of bad trade characterized by falling price and high unemployment percentage.” In the simple words – Business Cycle is a fluctuation of the economy characterized by periods of prosperity followed by periods of depression.

Characteristics of Business Cycle:

The fluctuations are wave like movement and are recurrent in nature.

Business Cycle is characterized by waves of expansion and contraction. But these are not only two phases of business cycle. There are four phase of business cycle – Expansion, Recession, Contraction and Revival or Recovery.

The movement from peak to trough and again though to peak is not symmetrical. According to Keynes, prosperity phase of business cycle comes to end fast but dip is gradual and slow.

Business Cycle is self generating. Every phase has germs of the next phase, that is, expansion has the germs of the recession in it.

In this chapter we learnt about business cycle and its characters and definition. However, we already have studied about marginal efficiency of capital and investment in business by this blog. Business cycles are everything which determines your business objectives.


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